An AED machine has been purchased for each building.  AED/CPR training is being scheduled.  If you are interested in participating, please call the office with your preference of class time - morning, afternoon or evening.  Cost of the training is $5.

Please be certain that the VMCA office has a copy of your apartment keys so that your apartment can be accessed quickly in case of an emergency.

If a key is not available, the Scott Township Police policy is to take the door off if the officers feel that someone is at risk. This is similar to VMCA policy in that VMCA staff will drill the lock if they feel someone is at risk. Scott Township police have jurisdiction if they are on sight.

The quickest and most expeditious solution is the use of a key. Please provide all keys to your apartment. YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT ..

If you are offering your apartment for rent, please have your tenant register with the Management Office.

Please after using the Party Room return furniture to the proper place.  If you open the windows in the pool area please close them when you leave. The evenings are still cool and open windows at night will allow much heat to escape and affect water temperature. When leaving common areas like the pool or exercise room please try to assure that the doors close quietly.

Leaving old televisions, computers, printers  etc. at the dumpsters.  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!  And, to make matters worse, the association has to pay $35 each to dispose of these items.